Cheddar sour cream nutrition facts per 1oz
Vegan Cheddar Sour Cream chips 1.5oz bag
Cheddar Sour Cream nutrition facts per 1.5oz
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Cheddar Sour Cream Bean Chips

CHEDDAR SOUR CREAM flavored chips is a treat even for the toughest food critics. That great  cheddar flavor (yeah, its really vegan) delivers rich, nutty undertones with a light tangy finish, balanced against the smooth sour cream flavor on a craveable, crunchy chip. This culminates in strong notes of “gimme-crunch-crunch-wow-yum-mm-crunch-crunch-more-please.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Kenneth S.
excellent chips

Healthy can taste great!

Sunny M.
Mr. Sunny M

I've never been a huge fan of chips, they were always "ok", and I've never even written a review for any type of food, let alone chips...however, I can't keep my mouth shut (literally), and I just have to tell the world these are the greatest chips that have ever been invented by humankind. My wife brought home the "Vegan Cheddar Sour Cream" flavor and I think my tongue grew braincells it was so good.

Bring them back!!!

These are literally the best chips ever!!! Where are they? Please come back soon.

Maureen M.
Chips are amazing - ship them smarter!

Chips are fantastic - the packaging is appalling. I ordered six bags which were delivered in a box that had an additional box that would hold six more bags - that was completely empty. The entirely extra empty box is a waste of cardboard and postage.

Janet H.
Great chips

Great cheese taste.


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