How to Make the Perfect Vegan Cheese Board

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Whether you’re looking for a party appetizer or a sensational snack for the family, nothing beats a cheese board. No one can resist one, either, which is why we make sure it’s piled high with goodness.

If creating the prefect vegan cheese board has long been on your bucket list but you’re not sure where to even begin, it’s due time to give it a go. We made it easy with these simple tips that can make you a master of the craft.

How to Master the Cheese Board Craft

Crafting the perfect cheese board is all about balance and compatibility. You want the textures and tastes of the cheese to be both balanced by and compatible with the other goodies in the mix. You also want the perfect balance of different tastes, which can be easily aced with a straightforward formula that tells you how many different tastes to include.

You want to include:

  • Two fruits
  • Three savory choices
  • Four chips, crackers or breads
  • Five cheeses

That’s the top-level view of the magic formula. We get deeper into the details below.

Two Fruits

Choose fruits that blend beautifully with cheese, such as plump purple grapes and a crisp, tart apple. Notice both grapes and apples have firm textures that will add a burst of flavor to a helping of cheese.

Quick apple trick: If using sliced apple on your cheese board, sprinkle it with lemon juice so it doesn’t turn brown while it’s waiting to be eaten.

Three Savory Choices

Here’s where you’ll add your vegetables and nuts, both of which are amazing choices for a well-rounded cheese board. One of our top choices is always hummus, which can be combined with the chips and veggies with or without the addition of cheese. This makes your cheese board versatile enough to suit a wide variety of tastes, even those that may not indulge in cheese.

Since hummus takes care of one savory choice, you can fill the other two slots with hearty veggies or nuts that can hold their own. Radishes are an excellent choice for adding a tangy taste to the mix. Cucumbers are perfect for the hummus. Toasted walnuts add a classy touch, while olives are another big hit.

Four Chips

While this category technically includes chips, crackers and breads, we say go right for the Beanfields Bean Chips — and stay there. You have more than enough chip flavors to find four that align keenly with your cheese platter. Our all-time favorite cheese board chip is probably our straight-up Sea Salt Bean Chips, as they let the other flavors on the platter really shine.

Other good choices would be our Pico de Gallo Bean Chips for a sassy kick, our Black Bean & Sea Salt for a dramatic touch, and our Himalayan Pink Salt Bean Chips for a hearty, salty crunch.

Five Cheeses

When it comes to picking cheeses, the selection can feel overwhelming. That’s because it is. But don’t fret. There’s a formula for choosing the perfect cheeses, too. The trick is to go with:

  • Something old, with a firm a crumbly texture
  • Something new, with a soft and pliable texture
  • Something goat, or a type of goat cheese
  • Something blue, or a type of blue cheese

The fifth one? Go crazy and pick whatever you wish.

Keep these tips in mind and your vegan cheese board will be over the top — and gobbled up in no time. You may want to keep a few extra bags of Beanfields Bean Chips on hand just to make sure you can keep the party going!

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