Buy A Bag, Change A Life.

We’re beyond proud to work with our Southern California friends at Homeboy Industries. Like Homeboy Industries, Beanfields originated in Los Angeles and together we are committed to building our community and supporting those who need a hand overcoming life’s challenges.


We partner with Homeboy Industries in their mission to deliver a continuum of services, programs, and job-training to high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women.


Meet Miguel. He came to us from Homeboy Industries seeking a fresh start. After training in our shipping department for a few months, we knew we didn't want him to leave. He is now an official member of The Bean Team!

Miguel Homeboy

“I got to where I am right now because of Homeboy's workforce development program. I am not the same person that I was when I first walked through those doors. Homeboys gave me an opportunity to work on myself and really get to know other people. Paying bills is something I never used to do. All of this has made me a responsible person and someone who can provide for my family.”  -  Miguel

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